Pandan Reservoir at the West Region of Singapore

Pandan Reservoir is known as the largest service reservoir in Singapore that is currently managed by the Public Utilities Board of Singapore near Sheng Hong Temple.

It is said that fishing is permitted only at two labeled fishing jetties or small pier. You will only use artificial bait as their officials patrol the fishing areas as they give summons for the people who are fishing using live bait. You can only use Carbon steel micro barb or some barbless hooks. The use of fishing net is not allowed. To maintain its fish stocks, they only require catch and release.

Some fish species that are living in this reservoir are Tilapia, Catfish and Peacock Bass. Feeding them is prohibited.

There are a lot of facilities other than fishing that families and group of friends will enjoy such as a radio-controlled boat deck that comes with shelter, gorgeous lights, and some benches for them to relax as well.

If you like running and you live in The Infiniti or in the upcoming Parc Riviera condominium or somewhere near the Pandan Reservoir like the Orchard Property you will certainly love its running route as it provides serene and quiet environment. Its gravel track is around 6 kilometers loop. The distance of its route is very suitable for a long runs and night runs. You will enjoy the space it provides which is hard to look for in Singapore.